Thorp Arch Weir

Neighbourhood Plan

Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017-2028
Submission Draft March 2017

Regulation 16 Publicity of the Plan is due to begin on Monday 24th April 2017 and will run for 6 weeks until Monday 5th June (5pm) 2017. 

Following representations received under Regulation 14 pre-submission consultation some small but significant changes to some of the polices to add clarity and to strengthen their intent.

Some of the Key changes made are:

• Policy BE4 - Protecting non-designated historical features now includes Pear Tree Cottage.

• Policy H1 - Site allocations has been re-named Residential Development and no longer allocates land for housing. 

• Policy CF1 - Retention and provision of community facilities has been re-named to also include recreational facilities.

• Policy LE1 - Thorp Arch Trading Estate has been clarified as applying to the zone of UDP 2006 Employment Land.

• Policy LE2 - Supporting small scale business growth has been amended to include both new and existing businesses.

• Policy LE3 - Farm diversification has been amended to include emphasis on consideration of the impact on landscape, traffic and the wish to sustain local employment.

You can click on the link below to download a pdf of the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017-2028 Submission Draft March 2017.

The following supporting documents can also be found in ‘Evidence’, together with further relevant information on consultees and consultation events: 

a) Map of the Neighbourhood Area.
b) SEA screening report. 
c) Basic Conditions Statement.
d) Consultation Statement.