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October Neighbourhood Plan Update

The consultation period closed on the 3rd October 2016, it was extended due to requests made by Carter Jonas and Pegasus on behalf of landowners they represented.

First a big thank you to everyone who responded to Draft plan, each household and business in Thorp Arch received a hand delivered letter, summary document and questionnaire and a total of 76 responses were received, representing a return of 18.3% with 133 individual comments made on specific items.

Although the number of returns was disappointing, it still represents a high response rate for this type of survey and may reflect “community tiredness” with the unavoidable time it has taken to prepare the neighbourhood plan.

The report on the TANDP feedback and representation received from Statutory Consultees and Stakeholders can be view in the `Evidence` section of the website.

So the next step for the Steering Group is to check compliance and analyse the feedback and representation received and report back on the outcome.