Welcome to Thorp Arch


Introduction to the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood planning gives the community direct power to develop a shared vision and shape the development and growth of the village. It provides a powerful set of tools for the community to have a much greater say in how our Thorp Arch should change and develop. 
After several surveys of local opinion on key issues, and following considerable consultation, including public meetings, the Steering Group is now in a position to publish and consult on its proposals in the form of this draft document. Once we have had your feedback and that from the wider stakeholder community (for example, neighbouring parishes, national agencies and the City Council), we will finalise the draft and submit it to Leeds City Council for their consideration and then an independent examination. In due course the Plan will come back to you to vote on in a referendum, at which point a positive result will make our Plan a legal and statutory part of the Leeds Local Plan.

Your Parish. Your Say. Your Future

The Parish Council and Steering Group is now pleased to inform you that the Draft Plan for Thorp Arch is finalised and ready to commence the statutory six weeks pre-submission consultation, under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. This will start on the 20th August and end on the 1st October 2016.

This consultation process is designed to bring the Draft Plan to the attention of people who live, work or run businesses in the neighbourhood area and enable all interested parties to make comment on the current contents of the Draft Plan. These will then be considered at the end of the consultation process and any appropriate amendments made to the document before the final Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan is formally submitted to Leeds City Council.  
We are now seeking your feedback on the draft version of the plan and welcome your views. The closing date for any comments or representations you wish to make is Saturday 1st October 2016 and the Draft Plan can be viewed in one of three ways: 

  1. View an electronic copy on the Neighbourhood Plan link above.  
  2. View a hard copy - Several hard copies will be available for viewing at The Pax, Lady Elizabeth Hastings` school and the libraries in Boston Spa and Wetherby.
  3. Request a loan copy - You can request a loan copy (available for 48 hours) by contacting:-
    Graham Duxbury – 01937 845751            
    Roland Blackburn – 01937 845930
    Sheila Humphreys – 01937 844988
    Richard West – 01937 843684  

The Response Questionnaire, when completed can be submitted either electronically on the Neighbourhood Plan link above, posted or hand delivered to TANPSG c/o 12 Thorp Arch Park, Thorp Arch, Leeds, LS23 7AN or deposited in the return box at The Pax.    
Should you require any further information or assistance, then please make contact via either the Neighbourhood Plan website-`Contact Us` or the Thorp Arch Parish Council website:
www.thorp-arch.org.uk -`Get in Touch`.