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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Thursday 7th December - RESULTS

Thorp Arch Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have great pleasure in announcing the results of the Neighbourhood Plan referendum which was a resounding 'YES' vote in favour of the Plan being used to help decide planning applications in the Thorp Arch neighbourhood area.

The number of votes cast was 256 a turnout of 39.2% with 236 (92.19%) in favour and just 20 (7.81%) against.

The turnout, although disappointing, does compare favourably with recent Leeds City Council Referendums and the Declaration of the result of the Referendum poll can be viewed in the ‘Evidence’ section of the website.

In terms of the next step – the Plan (as a result of new measures introduced by Provision 3 of the Neighbourhood Planning Act) is automatically considered ‘made’ and will be part of the development plan for Thorp Arch in the determination of planning applications.

The Decision Statement will shortly be issued by the Council.

Finally the Parish Council and Steering Group would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone for their support and contributions made during the extended process over which the Neighbourhood Plan has been in preparation. The Plan could not have been delivered without you.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (November 2017)

Thursday 7th December Polling Day for the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.

To be held at Lady Elizabeth Hastings C of E Primary School. The Polling Station will be a portacabin sited in the car park and open to vote from 7am to 10pm.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (October 2017) 2

Following modification made to the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017-2028, Leeds City Council has announced the Referendum will be held on Thursday 7 December 2017 and the location for the Polling Station will be announced shortly.

The Referendum will be conducted in accordance with procedures which are similar to those used at local government elections. The Referendum Area will be based on the former Parish Boundary and  will be held to decide on the following question:

“Do you want Leeds City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Thorp Arch to help to decide Planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

The update Neighbourhood Plan is available to view in the Neighbourhood Plan section of the website and the Timetable can be view in the Evidence section of the website.

It has taken five years to reach this point and once again a big thank you to all residents for your support and enormous contributions made during the period over which the Neighbourhood Plan has been in preparation. 

This is hopefully the last hurdle to overcome, a positive result will make our Neighbourhood Plan a legal and statutory part of the Leeds Local Plan.

Your vote counts so please continue your support and VOTE.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (October 2017) 1

Leeds City Council on the 5th October 2017 under Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012), decided that the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Plan, shall subject to modifications, proceed to referendum. 

The Decision Statement can be viewed in the Evidence section of the website.

The Steering Group are in the process of updating the Plan and have provisionally agreed a date with the Council of 7th December for the Referendum with the 14th December as a back-up.

Leeds City Council will organise the local referendum of the Neighbourhood Plan which poses the question “Do you want Leeds City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Thorp Arch to help decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” 
The referendum will be held in Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Area and for the plan to be adopted, more than 50% of those who vote must register their support for the plan. If this happens, Leeds City Council will adopt the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (September 2017)

The Examiner's Report on the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Plan was issued to Leeds City Council on 20th September which recommended that, subject to modifications, the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum. The full report is available to view in the Evidence section of the website, but the main recommendations made concern:

  • The deletion of four proposed Local Green Spaces;
  • Updating of Policy H1;
  • The deletion of Policy LE1; and
  • The clarification of the wording and mapping of polices.

Next step, Leeds City Council will need to issue a "Decision Statement" required by Regulation 18 of the Neighbourhood Plan Regulations. The Council has 56 days to to publish the Decision Statement which starts on the day after the Council has received the Examiner's Report. The Decision Statement will set out whether or not the Plan should proceed to Referendum in line with the Examiner's Report.
If the Council decide that the Plan, subject to modifications, should proceed to Referendum then the Parish Council would then need to undertake the modifications to the Neighbourhood Plan as recommended by the Examiner and set out by the Council.
Legal Challenge, at the September meeting of the Outer North East Community Committee Leeds City Council's Neighbourhood Planning Officer submitted a report providing an update on the neighbourhood planning activity in the Outer North East area of the city. It was reported by the Council that the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Plan was currently being Examined and there was the possibility of a legal challenge.  

The Independent Examiner has raised further questions which were answered in a joint response from Leeds City Council & Thorp Arch Parish Council on the 12th September 2017. This document is available to view in the Evidence section of the website.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (August 2017)

The Independent Examiner, Rosemary Kidd, is currently undertaking the examination of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and, having completed the initial review, a list of questions seeking further information or clarification on certain matters has been sent to the Parish Council and Leeds City Council.

A joint response to the Examiners questions was submitted on the 21st August and this document and supporting maps are available to view in the Evidence section of the website.

What is the role of the independent examiner? it is:

Limited to testing whether or not the neighbourhood plan meets the 'basic conditions'. These are set out in law following the Localism Act 2011. In order to meet the basic conditions, the Plan must:

  • have regard to national polices and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  • contribute to the achievement of sustainable development; 
  • be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area;
  • be compatible with European Union (UE) and European Convention on Human Rights (EUHR) Obligations.

and the Independent Examiners report must make one of the following recommendations:

a)   the Plan should proceed to referendum, on the basis that it meets all legal requirements; or
b)   the plan, once modified to meet all relevant legal requirements, should proceed to Referendum; or
c)   the Plan should not proceed to Referendum, on the basis that it does not meet the relevant legal requirements.

Freedom of Information Request:

The Steering Group have been advised by Leeds City Council that a 'FOI' request was received from the agents representing Rockspring Hanover Property Trust (owners of TATE) asking for details of all correspondence, phone calls and other discussions between representatives of Thorp Arch Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and any Officers of Leeds City Council. The information was provided by the Council under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as opposed to under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Where could this be leading? 

Neighbourhood Plan Update (April 2017)

We are now entering the Pre-submission Publicity Stage.

Following the representation received last autumn from residents, stakeholders and consultees to the Draft Plan under Regulation 14 pre-submission consultation, the Steering Group has made some small but significant changes to some of the policies to add clarity and to strengthen their intent.

Some of the Key changes made are:

• Policy BE4 - Protecting non-designated historical features now includes Pear Tree Cottage.

• Policy H1 - Site allocations has been re-named Residential Development and no longer allocates land for housing.

• Policy CF1 - Retention and provision of community facilities has been re-named to also include recreational facilities.

• Policy LE1 - Thorp Arch Trading Estate has been clarified as applying to the zone of UDP 2006 Employment Land.

• Policy LE2 - Supporting small scale business growth has been amended to include both new and existing businesses.

• Policy LE3 - Farm diversification has been amended to include emphasis on consideration of the impact on landscape, traffic and the wish to sustain local employment.

We have also received from Leeds City Council, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report which concluded that neither an SEA or HRA is required for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group is now in a position to publish its proposals in the form of them ’Submission Draft March 2017’ which was submitted to Leeds City Council on the 5th April 2017 for Regulation 16 Publication and then independent examination.

Regulation 16 Publicity for the Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan is due to begin on Monday 24th April 2017 and will run for 6 weeks until Monday 5th June (5pm) 2017 and then independent examination. As part of Regulation 16 Publicity, the Plan will be available to view on the Parish Council / Neighbourhood Plan and Leeds City Council’s website and hard copies made available to view at Wetherby and Boston Spa libraries, Lady Elizabeth Hastings’ school and you will again be able to request the loan of a hard copy (available for 48 hours) by contacting Graham Duxbury – 01937 845751.

Notices will also be placed around the Neighbourhood Area informing residents of the publicity period and how to make further representations.

The independent examiner will be appointed in due course to examine the Plan and subject to any proposed modifications and the Plan meeting the Basic Conditions the Plan will then come back to you to vote on in a referendum, at which point a positive result will make our Plan a legal and statutory part of the Leeds Local Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Update (Oct 2016)

The consultation period closed on 3 October 2016, it was extended due to requests made by Carter Jonas and Pegasus on behalf of landowners they represented.

First a big thank you to everyone who responded to the draft plan, each household and business in Thorp Arch received a hand delivered letter, summary document and questionnaire and a total of 76 responses were received, representing a return of 18.3% with 133 individual comments made on specific items.

Although the number of returns was disappointing, it still represents a high response rate for this type of survey and may reflect "community tiredness" with the unavoidable time it has taken to prepare the neighbourhood plan. The report of the TANDP feedback and representation received from statutory Consultees and stakeholders can be viewed in the evidence section of the website. So the next step for the steering group is to check compliance and analyse the feedback and representation received and report back on the outcome.

Introduction to the Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Parish Council and steering group is now pleased to inform you that the draft plan for Thorp Arch is finalised and ready to commence the statutory six week pre-submission consultation, under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. This will start on 20 August and end on 1 October 2016.

This consultation process is designed to bring the draft plan to the attention of people who live, work or run businesses in the neighbourhood area and enable all interested parties to make comment on the current contents of the draft plan. These will then be considered at the end of the consultation process and any appropriate amendments made to the document before the final Thorp Arch Neighbourhood Development Plan is formally submitted to Leeds city council.

We are now seeking your feedback on the draft version of the plan and welcome your views. The closing date for any comments or representations that you wish to make is Saturday, 1 October 2016 and the draft plan can be viewed in one of three ways:

1. View another Tronic copy on the neighbourhood plan link above
2. View a hard copy. Several hardcopies will be available for viewing at the Pax, Lady Elizabeth Hastings' School and the libraries in Boston Spa and Wetherby.
3.  Request a loan copy. You can request a loan copy (available for 48 hours) by contacting: Graham Duxbury (01937) 845751, Roland Blackburn (01937) 845930, Sheila Humphreys (01937) 844988, Richard West (01937) 843684.

The response questionnaire when completed can be submitted either electronically on the link above post, posted or hand-delivered to 12 Thorp Arch Park, Thorp Arch, Leeds, LS23 7AN or deposited in the returned box at The Pax.
Should you require any further information or assistance, please make contact via either the Neighbourhood Plan website, 'contact us', or the Thorp Arch Parish Council website www.thorp-arch.org.uk 'get in touch'.